Doggy summer tank top

I was practicing sewing some sleeping shorts with this orange mesh and had some relatively large pieces of scraps left. So I combined them into a doggy summer tank for my little Coco.

I started with two rectangles and sewed them together lengthwise so they’d form a wider cover for the back of the tank. I then made a tube and connected the back to it. Added one rectangle to the front for belly coverage, and two smaller rectangles on the sides. Pull some elastic through the tube and it’s almost done. A total of 6 rectangles! Easy right?

Here’s a quick sketch of what I just described.


Here’s what it looks like when pieced together. Belly, back, and side views. Such designs are good for dogs with deep chests and long backs, or those who find off the shelf clothing ill-fitting.




Now add some binding to give it a finished look. I cut out three 1 inch wide strips for the two arm holes and bottom edge. Here’s what they look like.



The contrast of white against Orange gives the doggy tank a sporty feel. This is a really simple project that can be completed within an hour. Especially if you have your dog on hand for sizing. Here’s what you have to measure.

1. Neck tubing : circumference of dog’s neck plus a few inches for easy pull over.

2. Back rectangle (if using just one) : width of dog’s back above shoulders and length of dog’s back or shorter if you want a tank.

3. Belly rectangle : Width of chest between dog’s front legs

4. Side rectangles : place outfit on dog and measure the area that needs to be covered. add allowance of 1 to 2 inches if your material does not stretch.

Share pics of your doggy summer tanks if you make some! The choice of fabric and color contrasts can be pretty exciting.

More pics of coco in her new summer tank to come!

As promised, here is my sweetest Coco modeling her new summer tank. Love her to bits!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And there you have it. A sporty summer tank for your favorite fur baby. 🙂


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