Miniature basketball outfit


It’s May, weeks AFTER March madness but the effects can still be felt. The place I work at has a basketball bracket every year and we have homemade prizes for the winner. Last year, I made a sash which my dog won. Smart dog right?! (Shhh… the husband filled out a bracket for the dog.) This year, I was once again asked to create something fun for the winner. That sparked off my first attempt at sewing miniature clothing!

Here you see a basketball jersey, a pair of shorts, and a hanger! The basketball jersey is made out of athletic mesh fabric that I had in my stash. The shorts are from denim scraps after helping my friend L refashion her clothes. The hanger is made from a single pipe cleaner. (I absolutely love pipe cleaners! They are so easy to craft with and come in so many colors. Check out my Xmas trees.) Slap on some fabric paint… and tadah! Basketball championship outfit for the office bracket winner.

Smudged some of the white paint. Darn! Here’s the final look.



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