Refashion: Yoga pants to hot shorts and tank top

This is an article of clothing from L’s stash that we refashioned today. It’s a pair of black yoga pants that she wore while painting a while back. Paint splattered on the yoga pants and she worried that they weren’t presentable anymore. (We forgot to take a before pic in our sewing frenzy)

Here’s a generic image of a pair of yoga pants. Let’s pretend we didn’t jump head in to the sewing. πŸ˜‰


L wanted a pair of shorts so she tried on the pants, and marked the length she wanted with some tailor’s chalk. She added an inch and then cut off the excess pant legs.
With the one inch marking, I folded the fabric inwards twice and sewed it down with a zigzag stitch.

Since they’re hot shorts and REALLY hot. Photographs won’t be shared.

We talked about what to do with the 2 pant legs and decided upon a tank top. L cut along the longest seam of each pant leg to get 2 wide pieces of fabric. We pinned them together with right sides facing and marked out a neckline and arm holes with chalk. Cut off excess fabric.

Zigzag stitch up the sides and the top of the sleeves. Try it on for size and then mark the areas to be fitted. I made the shoulder strap stitch a little more sloping downwards to follow the curve of L’s shoulders. Made the arm hole smaller. Folded raw edges inwards and zigzag stitched.

Remember I mentioned earlier that paint was splattered on the pants? L used fabric markers to add more dots to “hide” the paint.

Here’s the final top!


Aren’t those dots cute?


A few on the back for good measure. So we refashioned the yoga pants into a tank top and a pair of hot shorts. Nothing was wasted. πŸ™‚


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