Refashion: Tube dress to top and head tie

L dropped by with a bag of clothes she needed refashioned or shortened. So we worked on measuring, cutting, and sewing for 4 to 5 hours. Boy was it fun! We shortened 3 pairs of jeans, refashioned a pair of yoga pants and a tube dress.

Here is said tube dress. It’s a trifle loose so straps are needed. Since we’re turning the dress in to a top, we took off 6 inches from the bottom and the lining. We used the strip that was cut off for making straps.


Here is L helping to measure 6 inches all around and then cutting the fabric. Fold the bottom of the top inwards twice and sew. this will prevent it from fraying.


The strip that was cut was further chopped into 3 sections. 2 for straps and 1 for hair tie. To make the straps, fold the rectangular strips lengthwise and sew down the open edge. Turn it inside out and iron so that the seam is in the middle. The side that the seam is visible will face inwards. Attach the straps to the top and sew!

For the hair tie, simply ensure there aren’t any raw edges. If there are, fold and sew. 🙂


Here’s L with her new top!



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