Refashion: corduroy jeans to skirt


I ripped a pair of corduroy jeans some time back and couldn’t find a comfy pair to purchase. So I challenged myself to try to make a pair.

Well, I guess we know how that turned out Since this post is about a skirt. haha… In sum, the crotch section was a little wacky looking.

It was an interesting learning experience though. I blundered my way through creating a functioning zip, reinforced it with bias tape, and even made belt loops! I also learned about the nap of corduroy. This is what happens if one places strips of corduroy in opposing direction. One strip looks darker than the other. Great if it was the design. In my case, it was a lot of seam ripping.


I’ll need to do a little more studying to get the pattern right.

Anyway, that pair of botched jeans became this skirt. Weird looking? It’s really comfortable material that I bought off fabricmartfabrics during their corduroy blowout sale. I’ve still got several yards of black corduroy to play with!

What was your first attempt at making zippered jeans or pants like? I’d love to hear your stories and tips!


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