Refashion: Men’s Trousers to Shorts

While doing the laundry some time back, I discovered a hole in the back pocket of the hub’s trousers. So I did what anyone else might do – try to mend it. Unfortunately, unlike all the tutorials that I read, my attempt wasn’t as successful. Sigh.ImageSince it can’t be worn out looking like this… a refashion was in order! I’d turn the trousers into a pair of shorts with “new” and improved pockets! Here’s a preview of the final product. Shorts with deeper pockets. 🙂

ImageGot a few pairs of trousers with holes in the back pocket? Here’s what you can do. 🙂

Image1. Put on the trousers and mark where you want it to end.

2. Add 1″ and then make a cut. The additional 1″ will become the new hem.

3. Fold and pin 0.5″ all around the 2 pant legs. Do a quick basting stitch to hold it down.

4. Fold inwards again so the raw edges are hidden within. Sew with a straight stitch as close to the edge as you can. This is your new hem.


We’ll now create pockets with one of the two pant legs that have been cut off.

5. First, remove the seams with a pair of scissors. You can slowly rip off the seams but i opted to cut them off. You should now have 2 rectangular pieces.

6. Measure the width of the original pocket opening. Mine is 4″ wide. We’re going to use that as a gauge for the width of the new pocket. After measuring, single stitch the opening shut.

Image9. Cut out 2 rectangles that measure 4+2 inches = 6 inches in width, and x inches in length. Use the bottom edge as the top of the pocket so you won’t have to finish one edge. *X = choose a length of pocket that you want. I used the hub’s phone as a gauge. Then add 1″ to the length. Fold in twice on all three sides, pin, then sew as close to the folded edge as you can.

Image10. Pin to back of trousers. I made sure that the original pockets were pinned down neatly on the inside. This creates a reinforced pocket. Make sure to line up the top of the new pocket with the opening of the original pocket so that the old seam is hidden. Pin and sew all around (except for the opening) twice.

ImageThe refashioned men’s shorts are ready! A new pair of shorts and one less item in the trash. 🙂 Just in time for summer too! If only it would come. This wintry spring is taking its own sweet time to pass.








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