Dog Pouch – Hide toys/treats and watch your furbaby figure it out!

It’s cold… really cold… so outdoor walks for the little one aren’t long. Coco stays indoors most of the day except for her 4 potty walks in the cold. So it gets pretty boring at times. She gets her toys rotated, plays with her treat ball, nylabone, races her humans up and down the stairs, performs tricks for more treats, but… there are still many hours of the day left. So… I added one more toy to her big bag of toys!

While staring longingly at my sewing stash (Yes, i do that sometimes), i saw some leftover fleece scraps and was struck by an idea. I could make a pouch and stuff it with her nylabone or treats and Coco would have to figure out how to get them out. Now, there are 2 ways that the treat/nylabone is going to come out.

  1. Coco’s going to tear the pouch apart to get at the treat/nylabone
  2. Coco’s going to figure out how to push the fabric aside to get her treat/nylabone (I’m hoping for this one!)

So… here’s how you can make your own pouch with 1 strip of fleece and 2 seams. Easy peasy. 🙂


So here’s how you insert the treat (these are home made banana treats) in the pouch.


Coco tried both ways of getting her treat/nylabone out so there are now some mini holes in the pouch.  I showed her how I put the treat/nylabone in and that helped her figure it out a lot faster. So if your dog starts getting frustrated AND you don’t want the pouch torn up right away, that’s one thing you can try. In any case, it provided an afternoon of fun!


Share stories, photos and/or videos of your dog figuring out the dog pouch if you decide to make one or a few. 🙂


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