Refashion: Dog jean hoodie with frilly lace collar


So i hit a milestone in my ‘work’ which allowed me to reward myself with some sewing time! Wheee! I have a pair of really loved jeans that have developed holes so i decided to refashion it into something for Coco. I’ll have to get Coco her own little wardrobe soon!

Do your dogs have clothes? How many outfits do they have? Coco has 3 winter dresses, 1 winter coat, 1 summer dress, 1 Halloween costume, and after this refashion, 1 autumn dress.

Anyway, back to the refashion. I used trial and error to figure out the hood by fitting it over her head repeatedly. Thankfully Coco was super cooperative and sat around letting me test it on her with some scrap t-shirt fabric. Once i got the size and fit about right (loose so it doesn’t squash her ears but also won’t fall off), i used it as a pattern to cut out the hood section from the jeans. It looks like this:


Then using a previous dress that i made, i cut out a similar shape off of one jean leg. Then made the necessary cut for her front legs.  This is the pattern i used but i left out the strap section. Click on the image to see a different tutorial for a dog outfit with neck strap.


For this project, instead of the strap, i sewed on the hood, right sides facing. It would help if you measured the circumference of that opening and matched it to the hood or vice versa. If it doesn’t match up, and if you have no  lazy bones in you, alter one of them. If you have lazy bones in you… like me…  gather the longer edge until you get them to be of equal length. Hem all around.




The jeans tapered at the end of the leg so the bottom half of coco’s dress didn’t pull down well over her cute little head. So i cut it open down the center of the short side (belly side), hemmed the edges and added velcro to the top. Test it on your dog and see how much you can overlap the material then sew on the velcro.


For a sweet finishing touch, i added lace around the collar, just under the hood. Manually pleated the lace at the machine and it turned out okay. I sewed down the extreme, short ends of lace to the outfit so it would lift up and look like a clown’s collar.


I even added a pocket to hold her poop bag while on walks.

I folded a pleat into the bottom of the pocket to increase its capacity.



Here are pics of Coco in her new outfit! What do you think?


See how the lace makes a super cute and feminine collar?


She got tired of modeling after a while and yawned…


Then decided that she wanted a high-five for doing good work.


Here’s what’s left of the jeans. I see a few more refashions in it. 😀

Any ideas?



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