Dog cheerleading dress

Made a dress for Coco with 4 pieces of fabric using this pattern and then added my own spin on it.


Doesn’t she look like a cheerleader?


Here’s what you will need:

  • Two #1. I used 2 different colored fabrics, one for each side.
  • Two #2 in white stretchy fabric
  • One rectangular strip in red for the neckline
  • One strip of elastic that fits around your dog’s neck AND isn’t tight
  • One strip of ribbon to connect the #1s in the middle (down the back). This step is optional to create a 2-colored back. You can fold the fabric over to create one large #1 that you unfold to use.
  • Lace to go round the bottom

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Using a zigzag stitch, connect the two #1s with the ribbon.
  • Connect the #2 to #1 to create arm holes. Be sure to connect A to A and B to B.
  • Now to create the collar. Fold the rectangular strip over widthwise and sew along the short edge. Open up the band and fold it lengthwise to create a tube. Sew the long edge, leaving an opening to insert a strip of elastic. Sew up the opening once the elastic has been pulled through. You can use a safety pin to help pull your elastic through.
  • Sew the collar to the top of the outfit. Be sure to stretch the elastic.
  • Fold over all raw edges (sides, armholes) twice and zig zag stitch to create a finished hem. You don’t have to finish knit because it doesn’t fray but i think it looks better.
  • Where it shows “C,” you can add velcro but i opted to sew it shut this time
  • Try the outfit on your dog and make the necessary adjustments. I had to remove some from where i connected the two #2s.
  • Sew lace to the bottom of the outfit. Be sure to stretch the fabric so the lace gathers a little. I did some topstitching on the right side of the lace so that it would lay flat.
  • You’re done!

Photos of the outfit

 Top view

Bottom view  Side view 1

Side view 2

More photos of Coco in her new dress. 🙂




Share photos of your dog outfits if you decide to make some too. 🙂


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