Refashion: Tank to Sleeved Tee Part 2

So i tried on my new sleeved tank and realized 2 things – the sleeves were a little too short for my liking (my shoulders burn really easily in summer), and the neckline was too low. So i cut up the bottom of a spare white tee and used it to make the tank more modest.


First, i chose a white fabric to complement the color of the tank. Cut off the bottom of the tee in a curve to match the neckline of the tank, then separate into 2 strips. Bonus of using the bottom of a tee is that it’s already hemmed! Fold to create texture and sew along the folds. Repeat with other strip.


Next, pin the pieces to the tank to create a cross-over V-shaped neckline. Try it on and make the necessary adjustments till it’s just right. Sew in place with matching red thread. This fabric won’t fray so i cut off the excess material.Image

Cut the remaining strip of fabric into 2 and pin it on the sleeves. This creates the illusion that the top has 2 layers. Why would i wear 2 layers in summer? Good question. Hmmm…

Anyway, pin and zig zag stitch in place.

ImageI’ll probably experiment and practice with the other tanks in my stash a little more. Fun!


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