Refashion: Tank to sleeved tee

Got a few tank tops from Walmart for $1 each some time back and they’ve been sitting in my stash pile for a while. I made a dress with a floral print tank top and gave it to a dear friend. Check out the tutorial here. It’s summer and REALLY warm. I’ve got loads of skirts and not enough tops so i thought i’d make something for me. Here’s a quick refashion that you can do in ten minutes… unless you screw up like i did and sewed the wrong side facing out (oops). I didn’t take process pics so here’s a blue tank as the before pic and the red as the after.


These faded glory tanks tend to be long so i pulled it on and eyeballed where i’d like it to end. Give an inch of allowance and then cut the rest off. You’ll end up with a round of fabric. Cut that into half and sew up the ends with wrong sides touching. These will be the sleeves. Here’s what the seams look like on the inside. It’ll look better after it’s been washed and dried.

Ribbed knit is very stretchy. Pin the sleeves on to each arm hole and remember to stretch. I matched the stitched end to the sides of the tank so the stitches would be hidden. Note: If your two shorter rounds of fabric are short, you’ll get modest tanks. A little longer, you’ll get capped sleeves. Zig zag stitch all around.

Tank with sleeves

New modest top in 10 minutes. 🙂


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