Black glittery sweater dress with frills and back slits

Here’s the first bday present i made in addition to the floral skirt with tulle underlining. The second is a puffy tulle skirt with floral print and black elastic waistband.

.First, i took a dress that my friend had left with me as a measurement guide. The material is stretchy so i didn’t have to give too much allowance. After cutting the front and back pieces, sew up the sides to form a shapely tube.

ImageI pulled it on to my dress form and cut arm holes on the sides and left quite a bit of material for making a collar. I folded the material inwards on itself, pinned and sewed. Added a long horizontal dart in front to lower the neckline slightly and to help with the off shoulder look.

To complete the sleeves, i cut strips of the material and made tubes which i then inverted and sewed all around the arm hole. Remember to stretch the tubes as you do this so the sleeve won’t be gaping. If you didn’t stretch it enough, like what i did, then just sew up and cut off the excess at the bottom of the arm hole where it connects to the side seams.


If you hem up the bottom of the dress, you’ll have a simple black dress.

I wanted it a little more exciting. So i pulled the dress off Suzanne, then folded the back and made snips with my scissors. The top snip was the longest and the last snip was the shortest. I made sure that the last snip would still be above the bra line to keep it a decent yet interesting look.

To give the bottom some oomph, I folded some fabric over and cut off a piece that measured the same length as the circumference of the dress hem. I made the width asymmetrical so that  the shortest end would be in front and longest at the back. Using ruler and cutter, i made strips. The top inch was left uncut so that the whole strip could be attached to the bottom of the skirt. Pin them together with right sides facing, and then zig zag stitch all around. Finish the edge with more zig zag stitches. Your dress will now have a frilly fringe!


Here’s the bday girl in her new black dress. 🙂

bday girl in new dres


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