Refashion: 1 dress ==> 3 “different” looks

I’ve had this dress since i was a teenager. So it’s been with me for more than a decade. I won’t say exactly how many years. Just that it was quite a few. I haven’t worn it in the longest time because the length is awkward and it’s clingy in the wrong areas. So i’ve decided to refashion it and make myself something ‘new.’ How exciting! I need to finish up some work before i can reward myself with some more sewing time. Here’s a first look at the dress. Oh, the possibilities! What would you do with a dress like that?

~~~~updated 4th June 2013 ~~~~

First, shorten it. My wardrobe is sadly lacking some tops so snip snip snip… I angled my scissors so that the sides would be shorter than the front and back.


If a simple top was what i wanted. I could have stopped here. However… i folded the top over and made a cut right up the middle of the back!Ā  Roll edge into itself and sew with a zigzag stitch. By cutting it and hemming the edges, the shirt which used to fit snugly, will need added material to fit me.

So I took out some black fabric that stretches 4 ways and cut out a triangular strip. I made the strip shorter so that the back neckline would be more interesting. (I have plans for it! ) Hem the narrow end of the black strip. Align the bottom of the strip to the bottom of both edges. Place the right side of the black strip on the inside of the top, covering the seams you just finished.


Now… starting from the top of the right side of the black/white top, sew over the seam we just made all the way down, following the edge, make a turn and go back up but on the edge. Follow the new fabric and keep sewing till it’s firmly attached.


That’s all the time there is for updates today. This top is still not done. I have things to add, the front to redo, and decisions to be made. Would you keep the sleeves the way they are? What do you think of the buttons on the front?

~~~~updated 6th June 2013 ~~~~

I decided to leave the sleeves. I like my arms covered otherwise i get cold. Even in summer.

The front of the top had buttons that i didn’t like. It dated the top. So i cut it out and hemmed it. The neckline binding also looked odd so i cut it off and tried to use them as ties.


IĀ  then decided to attach one end to the other side to create a faux cut-out feel. Upon hindsight, i’m liking the ribbon tie a little better. A little seam ripping will fix that. :p There was quite a bit of material left so i decided to increase the functionality of the top and add pockets before hemming up the bottom of the top.Ā  I cut 2 strips of material to bind the top of the pockets, then folded the rectangle in on 3 sides before stitching down on to my garment. I like multi-function tops and wanted this top to be no different. The front and back are interchangeable! So the pockets should work for both sides. I lined up the center of the pocket to the side seam of the top and sewed it down.


The top is ready! What do you think? It can be worn black strip in front or behind. When behind, i’ll need a tube top inside (green top) to protect my modesty because of the deep v cut. The V is high enough to hide bra straps though when worn at the back..


I still have material left over and it’s a tube. I added a strip of black elastic as a waistband and i have myself a new skirt. šŸ™‚


Easy peasy refashion. I’m really liking the skirt.

Here’s how i wear it. šŸ™‚


So let’s take a look at the before and after… 1 dress –> 3 “different” looks šŸ™‚


~~~~updated 7th June 2013 ~~~~

I just remembered that the theme for this week’s refashion runway is stripes! So i guess i sewed along with the Refashion Runway contestants. Amazing ladies with a whole lot of talent. Check out their stripes refashion here and vote for your favorite!

~~~~updated 8th June 2013 ~~~~

8 thoughts on “Refashion: 1 dress ==> 3 “different” looks

    • Thank you! It’s a mish mash of things i found in my closet. Old gap tank. White jacket my siblings got me. Necklace with fabric flower that i’ve worn only once before.

    • Why, thank you! The top was just a tad snug for me but the sleeves were fine. If your t-shirts have sleeves that are too small, i suppose you could do the same and cut the top to add a strip of lace or material across the shoulders too. I’ll be sure to check out your blog for refashioning small t-shirts to larger ones!

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