Square top: frills down the front and sleeve ties

I’m loving square tops! Just made a square top and ruched skirt dress. (Will post a tutorial of that soon.) I think mine are generally rectangular tops since i like them longer than wider. How to make a square/rectangular top? Check out this tutorial.  My mum saw the dress and said she wanted a top in the same material. So here it is:

ImageThe sewing bug took over and i just couldn’t… tear… myself… away… from the…machine! So i made another square top, this time with white tissue jersey. Some changes:

  1. I left the bottom hem of the sleeve open so it can be tied.
  2. Added strips of the same material cut with pinking shears to the front. I used 7 strip, pinned, then cut the bottom to form a V shape. Sewed it down with some fancy silver thread.

Check it out:


Sew the strips on down the middle with a zig zag stitch with thread that is of a different color. I picked silver. I basically followed the collar, went down the strip, turned the fabric around, and sewed a parallel line up, then sewed on to the next strip.ImageHere’s the front view of the top with all the strips sewn down.ImageHere’s a close-up.




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