Jeans Refashion Part I- Shorts

Hello Readers,

I am Sharon’s friend, Ella, and I would like to share with you how one could refashion a long, old pair of jeans into a cute pair of shorts that you could wear this summer! Two winters ago, I was given 2 pairs of jeans from my twin sister who got them from a friend. We always welcome hand me downs, except the size was a bit too big for us…so I washed the jeans several times and wore them with different belts. Recently, I thought about changing them up as I got tired of wearing the same old plain jeans and after talking with Sharon and browsing Pinterest, I decided to make a pair of shorts with white lace.

The jeans refashion process is really simple and fun even for a first timer like myself!

Here’s what I did following Sharon’s step by step instructions:

1. Try on the jeans and measure the length you want for your shorts.

2. Cut the legs off the jeans.


3. Pin the folds of the hem.


4. Hem the shorts.


5. Sew on the lace of your choice.


What do you think of the final product?


I really like it and am thinking of wearing it tomorrow when I spend a day in the city with my friends. As for my second pair of jeans, which is black, I am thinking of making shorts with a colored lace. How would that be? Hope you can try making one for yourself!


One thought on “Jeans Refashion Part I- Shorts

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