A version of the Batwing top

A version of the Batwing top

Batwing top with wide sleeves and faux front cowl made in a thin knit.

Didn’t take process pics but here’s a good tutorial for batwing tops. Mine is different in that the sleeves are wide and do not taper. I used excess material that was cut out from under the sleeve to create a front collar/cowl (I’m not sure what to call it).

Top laid out on the floor

First i laid out my fabric, all 2 yards of this pattern. Then decided that the stripes would be horizontal. It was good that the fabric was stretchy that way too. I then folded the fabric to a desired length from neck to hip and cut off when i felt it would be long enough for sleeves. The folded edge would be at the shoulder.

Next i folded it in half width wise so that any cuts i make will be mirrored on both sides. I cut a quarter of a rounded edged square off the side leaving enough fabric for a wide sleeve. Then i cut out a section for the neckline. Sew up the open seams with zigzag stitches.

As i cut out too much for the neckline i had to improvise. I gathered the front and back to shorten the width. Then folded the edges over on itself on the neckline and sleeves to finish the garment.

Front view

Wanting to personalize the top, i used the cut out from under one arm to create a faux cowl in front by folding in half and sewing it to the top on the inside fold.

Back view

I added a folded strip to the bottom of the top so it would taper a little more. With that, you’re done!


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