Circle top with open sleeve

These are called circle tops but i didn’t make mine entirely circular. Start with 2 rectangular pieces. Measure yourself from the end of one shoulder to the other end and then add on x inches for however long you want the sleeves to be. Write that measurement down as the width. Next, measure from the top of your shoulder to wherever you want the top to stop. That’s your length.  Cut out 2 rectangles with those measurements PLUS an inch excess for hems.

ImageTo prep the neckline, fold the fabric in half along the width and cut out a quarter circle. Remove one piece, and deepen the cut of that quarter without widening it.

ImageI didn’t want too much material under my arms so i trimmed off the edges, giving it a somewhat circular look. I made sure the bottom section had enough fabric to cover my front and back before snipping. Lots of eyeballing…

ImageHem up all the edges including the neckline. My material’s stretchy so that helps. You could fold, iron, pin, and sew. I did folding of the edge by hand and sewed.

ImageHere’s one side after hemming all around. I started from the top left of a shoulder, all around the neckline, the other shoulder, and then all around the curve back to the first shoulder.

ImageI like open sleeved tops so i overlapped the shoulder edges and sewed. I also made a tube with a strip of the same material to support the top. After sewing the overlapping edges with zig zag stitches, i looped that strip of fabric through the shoulders and sewed them down.


All that’s left is the side seams. Be sure you sew on the right side of the fabric when doing this. You can pin on your dress form to mark how loose/fitting you want the top to be, or try it on yourself if you don’t have a dress form. You could also trace the side outlines of a top that you already have that is of similar stretch. ChalImageSew along the chalk line and you are done! Here’s my new top! All done in an hour 🙂 You can wear this top with a lower or higher neckline depending on mood. The supporting strip is merely looped around the connecting shoulder edge so it can be shifted.


If you don’t want the excess material under the arm, draw a line creating an acute angle and snip off excess fabric. Sew along that line on the wrong side to create a top without the excess fabric.


* Used some of the leftover fabric to make a dog outfit.

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