Refashion: Floral pashmina

Got this for Xmas and immediately knew i wanted to refashion it into something else. It’s a lovely soft material and i can imagine it as PJs if left loose and comfy (imagine tropical dreams!). Or a casual top with gathered waist… or just a layering piece to add warmth in this cold dreary weather.

Took my first leap of faith and cut a vertical line to make a v-neck. Just in case, i used pinking shears to reduce fraying.


Here’s what it looks like on Suzanne (my dress form) without any sewing yet. The prints give it a different look – i might have a front-back reversible top. ๐Ÿ™‚


[TO BE CONTINUED … for when i can find more time to sew]

March 20th 2013

The fabric was just sitting there calling to me… sew me… sew me… So i found… or rather, made time to sew. So here’s the update.

I used a sheer knit to finish the neckline. Place the strip on the right side of the pashmina and do a zig zag stitch all the way round. Fold the fabric over and towards the wrong side of the pashmina. Pin and sew another stitch, preferable over the first stitch made. Cut off excess knit.


Use chalk to mark out a shape and then cut off the excess. I didn’t follow the chalk marks at the bottom of the skirt as i decided (As i was cutting) that i wanted the skirt to be longer on the sides than the front/back.


Straight stitch from the bottom of the arm hole all the way down then zigzag stitch the edge or use a serger if you have one.


It should look like a long top, tunic, or short dress now except that it’s loose and kinda shapeless. If you want this to be PJs or a loose fitting top that you can wear with a belt, finish up the arm holes with more sheer knit and you’re done. However, i wanted to add elastic just under the bustline so i put the dress on my dressform and used safety pins to pin a strip of black elastic to the dress. Because i used safety pins, i could try it on without getting poked or scratched.


Sew the elastic in place with a zigzag stitch to allow the fabric to stretch.ย  Use more ofย  the sheer knit (or any matching colored fabric) to finish the arm holes. The sleeve area looked long so i used a bit of the black elastic to bunch it up at the shoulders. Now, i may not have mentioned this but i intend this outfit to be reversible. So, be sure to bunch it up in the center of the shoulder area so that it won’t look funny when worn.


Just for fun, i used a small safety pin to create a mock keyhole. This can be worn in front or at the back. Because it’s a safety pin (there are cute ones that can be purchased), you can change the keyhole to be on either side.

Here’s the outfit on my dress form!


Here’s the outfit on a person! Because the outfit is reversible, you can wear it 2 ways. Once you add the temporary keyhole, you get 2 more ways of wearing it. A total of 4 ways! Here are pics of just 2 ways of wearing with front and back views. It can be worn with bare legs, leggings, jeggings, jeans, stockings. You can also wear a camisole or long sleeved blouse under.


That was fun and should hold off the desire to sew for a while. Nah, who am i kidding. It just makes me want to sew some more! :p

Thought i’d throw this in just for fun.



10 thoughts on “Refashion: Floral pashmina

    • Thanks! Feel free to share ideas on possible refashions. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m thinking of finishing the neckline edge with chiffon knit to keep the soft feel of the fabric.

  1. I think it would look cute as a little summery dress (or swimsuit cover up). You could take it in just a little bit and then make a sash (from the leftover material) to cinch the waist.

    • Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, i think you did a great job! I like the placement of your waist band. Mine is higher and i think, requires a belt.

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