Refashion: Dog outfit with pink hearts applique

Coco is a chihuahua mix and she doesn’t like the cold at all so i made her some outfits with an old pair of sweatpants that didn’t fit anymore. See her in her outfit 🙂


Here’s how you can do it too. Get an old (or thrifted) pair of sweatpants and follow the pattern below to cut out the outfit. Very little sewing is required if you use this pattern.


Cut out the pattern and then fold the shorter end over on itself lengthwise. Cut out the half oval for your dog’s paws. You want to measure how far down your dog’s legs are from its neck before you make a hole. A bigger arm hole will make it easier to slip on however you don’t want it to be too big. If you’re unsure, you can do what i did, keep cutting it bigger until it fits well. I cut out 2 heart shapes from some leftover felt and hand sewed them on. I left one with an open top so it became a pocket. You can be really creative with the appliques. For my next one, i might make a pocket big enough for her to carry her own (empty) poop bag and treats when we go out on walks.

ImageTo make the strap holder stronger, i folded it lengthwise, sewed the edge and then inverted the tube. I then sewed one end to the front and the other end to the inside of the outfit, very similar to a belt holder. To put it on your dog, bunch up the outfit, pull it over your dog’s head and then have him/her put one paw through the arm hole one at a time. Tie the straps and he’s/she’s ready to strut around in it.

The straps should be somewhere on the side of your dog’s head. This way, you can pull them back, through the strap holder, and then tie to keep the outfit in place.


This material doesn’t fray and keeps coco warm and comfy. If the straps are too short, just cut off a rectangular piece from the scraps of the sweatpants and sew it on. You can do it just to reinforce the strap if you wish. This is easily a 15 min project. Have fun!


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