Refashion: 1 pair of toe socks ==> Dog sweater with leg warmers

I’ve been looking at dog clothing and found some really interesting ideas on pinterest. So i decided to make something! First i had to find some suitable material for a dog, say, the size of a mini chihuahua. Toe socks! I’ve got a whole drawer full of them (I love them!) and some are sporting holes in the toes. So i picked out a colorful, gender neutral pair and came up with my own sweater with ‘sleeves’ for front legs and 2 leg warmers for hind legs. Here’s what i used:


  • Thread of a matching color where possible
  • 1 pair of toe socks
  • A pair of scissor
  • A pair of pinking shears


You’ll be cutting each sock slightly differently depending on the size of your dog and length of his body. On one pair, measure the length of the dog’s body from neck to the area where the stomach narrows. You want to protect your little chihuhua’s chest from the cold so make sure the fabric covers that. This measurement is for the body piece (As shown in #1) Cut off the elastic and the toe section from the first sock after measuring what you need.


You can put the toe section away. Hold on to the elastic band for now. You’ll need it later.

Bring out the second sock. You’ll cut it in 2 places too but this time, leave more material on the piece with the elastic band. This will form 2 doggy “sleeves”. What you do is sew 2 zigzag seams down the middle (#2) and then cut it with a pair of scissors (#3). Depending on the fabric you may choose to use pinking shears or regular scissors.Ā  You will now have 2 ‘sleeves’ for the sweater. If you are in a rush, hem the raw edge and you’ll have leg warmers for your precious pup.Image

Use the extra material on the 2nd sock and leftover elastic band from the first sock to make 2 more leg warmers for our furry four legged friend. Use the same method from #2 and #4 to divide the elastic band and sleeve material. When ready, place them right side together (#4) and sew. Sewing the band to the material can be rather tricky. You will need to stretch the sock a little as you zigzag stitch around (#5). I went round the sock twice.


You should now have 4 leg warmers. You can hem the edges by folding the raw edge inwards with wrong sides together and sew with a zig zag stitch to finish. You now have 4 leg warmers! I plan to keep going on so the image below shows 4 pieces that are unhemmed.


Moving on to the ‘bodice’, bring back the middle piece from the first sock. Fold into half and iron to get a mark. Fold one half into a quarter and make a 1″ cut perpendicular to the edge X” away from the top (#7). X refers to the distance from your dog’s neck to his front legs. Unfold and stretch the material around the cut. You want to be sure that your dog’s leg can fit through this hole. If it needs to be bigger, make the cut bigger. This hole (#8) is where you will insert the leg piece and sew.


Now sew leg pieces to the holes we made (#9, 10).


Once you are done with sewing 2 leg pieces to the bodice. You’re done (#11)! Try it on your dog šŸ™‚ If your sock is longer than mine, you can probably make a hat. I ran out of material though. Check out this refashioned dog sweater with 2 extra (and matching) leg warmers from a just a pair of toe socks.


How exciting! IĀ  am so psyched about making more dog clothes. šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Refashion: 1 pair of toe socks ==> Dog sweater with leg warmers

  1. This is such a cute idea. I don’t have a dog to make one for, but our neighbors just got a new puppy and I have a ton of sweaters ready to cut up, so I might just have to try this out! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Jen, thank you for commenting. šŸ™‚ Should be fun making puppy outfits! We got a foster dog that’s a chihuahua mix. The outfit’s too tiny for her though (she’s more mix than chihuahua afterall) so i had to cut up some sweat pants instead. :p I’ll post pics of that soon.

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