Refashion: 15 min Multi-way top/skirt

This is an old project from 2009 that i thought would be fun to share. A close friend bought a beautiful maxi dress which, as its name suggests, was too long. She put it on, snipped off the excess fabric and gave it to me. Since i don’t have photographs of the process, here are my attempts are illustrating the steps.


The excess fabric had a pretty thick hem which i snipped off (skirt hem) to create straps. I cut the straps in half and still had enough to fold length wise, sew up 3 edges (2 long and 1 short) to form a tube. Invert it and tadah! Ready straps in the same material and color palette.

I eyeballed the excess fabric, which looks like a very loose tube without elastic, found 2 midpoints and attached the straps with pins. Remember to fold in the open short edge of the straps before sewing them on to the top of the excess fabric. Here’s a rough illustration.

ImageI then picked one side to be the front and attached mini snaps so the neckline wouldn’t gape.

You’re done sewing! It’s time to create multiple ways of wearing your new piece. Here are some ways to wear the top. You’ll understand why the snaps are necessary.


The piece can be work as halters.Cross-over the straps to create a unique look or just tie them round your neck.


Swivel the piece around and have one strap in front and the other at the back. Tie them over one shoulder to create a toga look. Since the fabric was really soft, it draped very nicely.


If you prefer a tube top, you can pull the straps forward and tie them tight. Remember to close those snaps or you’ll have a gaping hole in front! Alternatively, tie the piece around your waist for a cute summer/beach skirt with an asymmetrical hem.


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