Adult’s reversible skirt

Reversible skirts aren’t just for cute little girls. They’re for anyone with a love for multi-functional attire! ūüėÄ

Using the circle skirt pattern, cut out 2 circles from 2 different fabrics. Place them wrong sides together and stitch the outer edge together. Flip the skirt inside out and pin the edges.

ImageStitch just above the edge for a finished look.

ImageSew and finish the edge that connects to the waistband to prevent fraying. A zigzag stitch will work if you don’t have a serger. I zigzagged all the way around. Now… to prepare the waistband. I have a stash of elastic which I’m loving! Measure what you need… so far I’ve been using waist measurement minus 3 or 4 inches. Sew the edges together then fold back and zig zag stitch them down.

ImageYou can attach the skirt to the waist band right away or you can add a faux buckle like i did.

I used one of the fabrics and cut out a rectangle that is long enough to wrap around the width of the elastic band. Used three 3-pronged ‘clips’ (I’m not sure what these are called) to hold the fabric and to give it a buckle look.

ImageFold the rectangle in half. Sew the 2 longer sides of the rectangle together. Invert the rectangle, fold the open edge in and sew the opening shut. Fold the ‘buckle’ material around the waistband, covering the stitches that we made earlier. Use the three-pronged clips to hold the fabric in place. Don’t worry about clipping it to the elastic. We’ll be sewing them together.

ImageIf you ever need an elastic pull-on belt, this would be perfect. Simple and super fast! Create a whole array of buckles to pin on.

Back to the reversible skirt. Did i mention i made it a high-low hem circle skirt? The shortest length is about 13″ and the longest is 16″ in the back. Check out the completed skirt.

reversible skirt

Here’s a non-circle skirt version¬†¬†refashioned from t-shirts.



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