Refashion: Tank top + fabric = new collared dress!

What shows more love for a friend than a custom made dress? šŸ˜€

Got great deals at Walmart on some comfy tank tops that would match some black fabric that i had. The black fabric’s a classic cotton blend seersucker from at $7.98/yd. I got some measurements, the materials (fabric, tank top, black thread, thin black elastic) and got to work!

First, decide on a design – a tank top dress with a circle skirt beginning under the bust.

Second, cut off excess fabric from the tank top. Leave an excess of half an inch to an inch for sewing to the circle skirt. I was so excited about sewing so i forgot to take a photo at this point. So here’s a simulated image with a different top.


Next, measure out the circle skirt. Measurement from under the bust, add at least 2 inches to accommodate the stretchy tank top, plus flexibility when pulling it on. Then divide the sum by 6.28. Fold the skirt fabric in half and then half again so it becomes a quarter. Use the measurement, chalk and ruler to mark out a quarter circle. Decide on length of skirt and then mark out another circle. Cut along the chalk line and you ought to get a piece of fabric shaped like a donut.

If you have a bodyform, it would help at this point to place the tank top on it. (I call mine Suzanne.) Do 2 rows of quick and long basting on the “waist” portion of the skirt and then pull it over the tank top. Use pins, lots of them, to pin the skirt to the end of the tank top on the wrong side. Pull on the basting stitches to adjust accordingly. Here’s what it looks like when inverted. Image

Use a zig zag stitch to connect the pieces and finish the edge. Hem up the skirt with straight stitching. Fold up a quarter of an inch and sew along the edge. Then fold it over on itself again and sew. This will prevent the edge from fraying.

Getting ahead of myself, i put a belt on to see what it would look like. Pretty nice i think!


Now i want my friend to feel comfortable wearing this outfit out to have fun or to work so i used the remaining fabric from the tank top to create a collar that covered the shoulders. Fold the circle in half wrong sides facing, then pin it along the tank top’s neckline. Since the bottom of the tank top is wider than the top, there was enough material to create volume in front and on the shoulders. Once you’re happy with the ruffling, sew and finish the edges. Tadah!


Here’s what the finished dress looks like.



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