Girl’s Reversible skirt

I know an adorable little girl of 6 and wanted to sew something cute for her so i thought i’d make a layered skirt using the circle skirt pattern. Yes, i’m still in the circle skirt craze. :p


I used pink fabric,  shiny black fabric, black lace and purple ribbon, along with black elastic for the waistband. I started by cutting out three circles of varying lengths with the same waist measurement. One short pink, one medium black, and one long pink.

ImageI cut strips of pink fabric to bind the edge of the black piece.

Cut several more strips of pink fabric to create gathers on the longest pink circle.

ImageAdd gathered lace to the shorter pink circle.

ImageSew all three pieces together in this sequence: short pink, long pink and black skirt. Attach the elastic band and this is what you’ll get:

ImageTurn the skirt inside out and bind the rough edge of the skirt and elastic band with purple ribbon. Remember to stretch the elastic as you sew on the ribbon.

ImageMade a loop with black thread on one side of the waist band and a purple ribbon that can be hooked on.

ImageWanting to make this side more chic, i added black lace on top of the pink gathers. Tadah! Second side is done. 🙂Image


February 6th Update

The photos speak for themselves… 🙂 Presenting… Miss Gabi!

IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935


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