Home made mini xmas trees

Christmas is round the corner and we don’t have space for a huge Christmas tree so i thought i’d make a mini one. With some dowel rods and chenille/tinsel stems, tin cans, plastic bottles that used to contain sauces, brown paper that would otherwise have gone in the recycle pile, and green floral tape… i created a series of mini xmas trees! Materials were purchased from Hobby Lobby. The 40% Off coupon was awesome. 1 pack of 8 dowel sticks, 1 pack of 350 green chenille stems. Used tape, ribbons, and beads that i already had in my stash. Each tree uses 25 to 38 stems. Some sewing was involved in adding color to red tree skirts. Here are my trees!


Tree #1

This tree was made entirely out of tinsel stems. Decorated with beads that a friend gave me from her New Orleans party trip. :p


Tree #2

This tree is made with chenille stems. I also started adding green floral tape to the dowel rods. Topped it with a tinsel aeroplane for the hubs to bring to work. Found some cotton balls and stretched them out to look like snow. More Mardi Gras beads!


Tree #3

From here on, all the trees are made with chenille stems as i ran out of tinsel stems. Topper is a mini person with a flower umbrella. So… a fairy perhaps. 🙂 The tree looks “hairy” because i had some furry yarn that i twisted round the tree. Looks more like a fir now?


Tree #4

This tree is the only one that had looped branches. Skirting was added the “pot” is actually a tin can wrapped in brown paper.


Tree #5


Tree #6For a lovely couple who invited us over to dinner.

I have a few more trees to decorate. Will post pics soon!

———————-Dec 21st——————–

Now that the trees have been gifted, i can post pics!

Tree #7


For a family man. Do you see a dad, kid, and mum playing jump rope at the top of the tree? 🙂

Tree #8


For someone whose name begins with B. 🙂

Tree #9


For someone who takes beautiful photographs. The topper’s supposed to be a 2D view of a camera. I added a baby pink bow later.

Tree #10


The topper is the recipient’s name. How cool are tinsel stems? Super cool!

And that concludes the 2012 mini xmas tree series. I have had a lot of fun making and gifting these trees. It’s amazing how need for a tree generated creativity (or problem solving, depends on how you view it) to create such fun and lovely (if i may say so :p ) projects.

Want one? Order one from my etsystore. 🙂


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