Circle skirt craze

Helped a friend with a project on Sunday where we cut a circle skirt out of some beautiful bridal fabric and then attached it to a sweet peach camisole. The final product was lovely! Too bad i don’t have photos. Anyway, that has put me in a circle skirt craze.

I had a few minutes to spare today and started on one.

  • I folded my fabric over twice and pinned it.
  • Then I measured just under the bust, added 2 inches and divided that number by 6.28 to get the smaller radius.
  • I then used that number to mark out a quarter or a circle in chalk.
  • Then measuring out 18′ from that quarter i drew, i made another chalk line.
  • Here’s the pic of the cut fabric. The zigzag edges are caused by my pinking shears.

Image I bought some 2″ braided elastic bands from amazon for $1.185/yd and they should arrive in 2 days. More updates to come!
It’s wednesday and the braided elastic has arrived! That means… the circle skirt can now be completed. Here’s what i did:

  • I zigzagged stitched the hem of skirt three times to create a little binding of sorts.
  • Cut out a second circle skirt for the lining and sewed on some lace.
  • Then put the two pieces together and connected them at the top.
  • Once that was done, i attached it to the elastic and here’s my awesome new circle skirt:


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