Cross-over bust tank top with lace

I think of sewing whenever i have a spare moment and this afternoon a thought popped into my head – i wonder how cross-over tank tops are sewn. So… i googled it and this tutorial came up. Seemed pretty easy so i gave it a shot.


I followed the instructions given in the tutorial to create the cross over bust top piece. Hemmed the edges, and pinned it shut. Then used a t-shirt to trace out the bottom piece just under the bust.Image

Pin and stitch together. Image

Add some lace to the cross-over pieces and shoulder straps.Image

Hem up the bottom of the shirt and it’s done!ImageImage

This was sent to a dear friend as a xmas/bday gift. šŸ™‚ Here are some pics of the outfit on a real person!



3 thoughts on “Cross-over bust tank top with lace

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