Palazzo pants with gathered ends and hidden zipper

Here’s my first attempt at putting a zipper into pants. Thought it went pretty well. Adding interfacing for the waistband was fun as it’s been a while since i had to use it.

I am loving the palazzo pant style so i thought i’d make a more formal looking pair. After tracing out a stretchy pair, i realized the waist wouldn’t stretch which led to the need for a zipper.

Here’s a pic with the brown zipper peeking out a little. I didn’t have a black one on hand and a green one just didn’t seem right. So brown it is.

ImageHere’s the front view of the pants hanging. I love how the lines kinda match up except for the waist band.


Will need to put this on a real person some time so you can see how it falls. Fun times! 2hrs to make the basic palazzo pants and zipper and another half hour of testing whether i should gather the leg ends or not, and another 10 mins to gather. Fun!

Received lots of compliments from strangers over this pair of pants. A lady actually slowed down her car as she was driving by, and yelled out “M’am, that’s a really nice pair of pants!” Ladies at the hair salon also said it was “A nice outfit.” Made my day!


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