Palazzo pants with foldover waistband

My hands are a little tired from crocheting so i took a break and had some fun time with my sewing machine. I love flowy pants of the palazzo type. So following instructions from A Pair and a Spare, i made one for myself. 🙂 I based the design on a pair that i bought early this year and improved on 2 aspects.

  1. I made it longer (the joy of custom made clothes over store bought clothes!).
  2. Raised the crotch area. It was hanging rather low and if it was any lower, i’d be wearing MC Hammer parachute pants! Not that i don’t like those but most days, i prefer the clean lines of regular pants.

Instead of using an elastic band like the pair i have or a drawstring like the one featured in A Pair and A Spare, i created a foldover waistband with elastic black material. When i get tired of the pants, i can always turn it into a tube jumpsuit by adding elastic at the top or by sewing on halter/regular straps with cute buttons. 🙂 1hr and 45mins well spent!


The phone camera flash made it a little blue. The material’s actually black with some subtle flower prints. It’s a really soft, cool material. I’m not sure what it’s called though.  Here’s a close up of the print.

To see a different take on this, check out my palazzo pants made with non-stretchy suiting material. It has a zipper and gathered legs.


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