Refashion: Make a Bohemian top with a pashmina shawl

The weather’s getting colder and it’s time to bring out the turtlenecks. While going through my cold wear, i found a pink pashmina shawl that i have had for more than a year but have never worn. That got me thinking… what can i do with it? I found an article on with simple instructions on changing a shawl into a shrug. So i tried…


1. Find a shawl or a long piece of fabric.

2. If using a shawl, snip off the ends and hem edges.

3. Fold the shawl lengthwise, right sides facing and pin the edge.

4. Measure the length from one armpit, across the chest, to the other armpit. Add 2 to 4 inches and mark the fabric. I used double pins.

5. Sew from the end right up to the double pins on both the left and right side.

6. Invert the cloth and tadah! Easy shrug. If you use a stretchy material, you won’t have to worry as much about the length of the opening.

I tried the shrug on and wasn’t too happy with the way it looked. Could have been the fabric or the color didn’t inspire me the way i thought it would. So i wondered what it would look like as a top instead.


7. Fold the fabric in half and cut out some fabric to create a neckline

8. Pin ends of the shawl along collar on the right side.

9. Adjust sizes of the folds carefully as there may not be enough to go all around the top if folds are too big.

10. Serge or sew the ends together. I used hem tape to make it stronger.

11. I sewed halfway down each fold to give it a flatter and cleaner look.

12. Complete sewing around the collar. Perhaps add binding to finish the neckline. I’m thinking of making the sleeves shorter too. Here’s an example.

So, a few more stitches with my trusty Singer machine on the folds and my new bohemian top should be almost ready. 😀


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