Refashion: Simple T-shirt shrug

This is my first wordpress post and i’m so excited to share my creations!

I came across the idea of a t-shirt shrug on and thought i should make one for a dear friend of mine. So here’s what i did…

Time needed

  • Less than an hour


  • T-shirt
  • sewing machine
  • dress form


  1. Get hold of a t-shirt
  2. Fold the t-shirt in half along the vertical axis and cut the front section
  3. Fold the edge over about an inch and pin to create a casing.Image
  4. Sew the edge of the casing. The dress form helped create a casing that lay flat.Image
  5. Run a ribbon through the tubing with the help of a safety pin
  6. Pull the ribbon to tighten. Keep the casing around the back of the neck flat.
  7. Tie ribbon in front and ta-dah! T-shirt shrug



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